Bundle of 3 Common Airplants for $10 Now Available! **Limited Quantities**



Breaching is the term used when a whale (usually a humpback) jumps up above water and taps the surface with its fins.  The horizontal outline of the driftwood resembles the whale and main fin, and the T. Victoria is the blowhole while the T. Funckiana on one side imitates the splash.

T. Ionantha Guatemala (XL) x3

T. Ionantha x 8

T. Victoria Giant Form

T. Funckiana x 15

Driftwood XL

Silver stratified rock

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How to take care of Airplants?

Very basically:

1. Find a good location for them, well ventilated, brightly lit area, either shaded outdoors (like a balcony) or near a large window.  Do not put them into direct sunlight

2. Water them at least once a week if indoors, more often if the location is brighter, to a max of 3 times a week.

3. Make sure they completely dry up within 3-4 hours of watering.

4. There are a lot of airplants on this piece, but they are all very hardy and forgiving of varied conditions.  With enough light, Ionanthas and Funckianas will have vigorous growth and pups.  There is generous space for them to expand further.

Weight5 kg
Dimensions560 × 310 × 290 cm