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Dracaena Masoniana (formerly Sansevieria Masoniana) Variegata or Variegated Whalefin in Handmade Ceramic Pot


Dracaena Masoniana Variegata or Variegated Whalefin  in a handmade ceramic pot – ‘Moss Cavern’ by  @misspotterin.  The soil is Kanuma premium bonsai soil that provides a stable environment, soft texture for the plant’s delicate roots and indicates when it is time to water by changing color when wet / dry.

Plant height from soil to tip of leaf: 12cm

Pot dimensions: 8.5cm dia x 11cm ht

Total height 22cm

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Care for Variegated Whalefin

Locate in a bright place, indoor or semi-outdoor.  Avoid direct sun.  Water when soil is dry, you can check dryness by poking with a toothpick in the soil all the way through.  If no soil sticks to the toothpick when pulled out, you may water.  Another indication is the soil’s color.  When it is bone white for 1 – 2 days, then it is safe to water.  When watering, make sure the water drips through the pot’s bottom hole.


Weight1 kg
Dimensions85 × 85 × 220 cm