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It Takes Time_


T. Glabrior is one of the most underrated tillandsia and is seldom used or even sold.  I wanted to highlight this unusual species especially in this composition as the main plant and not just for support.  It will take time but eventually the piece will be covered with T. Glabrior leaves and pups.

T. Glabrior clumps x5


Ocean Rock

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How to take care of Airplants?

Very basically:

1. Find a good location for them, well ventilated, brightly lit area, either shaded outdoors (like a balcony) or near a large window.  Do not put them into direct sunlight

2. Water them at least once a week if indoors, more often if the location is brighter, to a max of 3 times a week.

3. Make sure they completely dry up within 3-4 hours of watering.

4. Tillandsia Glabrior is a unique Airplant species that is very variable when growing in clumps.  They are very hardy and grow slowly.  The hard, stiff leaves as quite tough and flexible for an airplant leaf and not easy to break.  They will tolerate a wide range of lighting, temperature and watering conditions.

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