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Phyllanthus Mirabilis in Handmade Ceramic Pot


Phyllanthus Mirabilis  in a handmade ceramic pot – ‘Moss Cavern’ by  @misspotterin.  Unique ‘gull wing’ pattern to the growth of the main leaves.  The leaves themselves are maroon underneath and green with red veins on top.  Very distinctive.  Phyllanthus also is unique in that it folds its leaves in the evenings and opens again morning time. Potted in Kanuma soil or premium Japanese bonsai soil which is the best for this plant’s root development.

Plant height from soil to tip of leaf: 14cm

Pot dimensions: 8cm dia x 10cm ht

Total height 22 cm

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Care for Phyllanthus Mirabilis

Locate in a bright place, indoor or semi-outdoor.  Can take direct morning sun.  Water when soil is dry, you can check dryness by poking with a toothpick in the soil all the way through.  If no soil sticks to the toothpick when pulled out, you may water.  When watering, wet the caudex and the soil around the caudex, but avoid the leaves. make sure the water drips through the pot’s bottom hole.  Water sparingly, the less water you give it the plumper the caudex becomes as this mimics difficult conditions in the wild.


Weight1 kg
Dimensions80 × 80 × 220 cm