Bundle of 3 Common Airplants for $10 Now Available! **Limited Quantities**

Pursuit of Happyness


Representing the rough road to ‘Happyness’.  Nothing is easy and the road is littered with spikes and detours along the way.  But along the path also lies beauty.

T. Streptophylla x3

T. Glabrior x 5


Riverstone Pebble

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How to take care of Airplants?

Very basically:

1. Find a good location for them, well ventilated, brightly lit area, either shaded outdoors (like a balcony) or near a large window.  Do not put them into direct sunlight

2. Water them at least once a week if indoors, more often if the location is brighter, to a max of 3 times a week.

3. Make sure they completely dry up within 3-4 hours of watering.

4. Tillandsia Streptophylla, the ‘Queen of Airplants’ can grow quite big and are very distinctly shaped with their feminine curly and twisting leaves.  They are contrasted with the sharp ends of the Tillandsia Glabrior.  Both species are easy to take care and will tolerate a wide range of light and water conditions, just avoid direct sun on the Streptophylla.

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