Bundle of 3 Common Airplants for $10 Now Available! **Limited Quantities**



A piece that has three species of airplants and should be seen to be fully appreciated.  There are many elements and points of interest but harmoniously combined to create a whole that is better than the sum of its parts.  A great centerpiece and conversation starter.

T. Xerographica

T. Pseudo Baileyi x 3

T. Ionantha v. Ionantha x3

Silverstone base

Driftwood L

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How to take care of Airplants?

Very basically:

1. Find a good location for them, well ventilated, brightly lit area, either shaded outdoors (like a balcony) or near a large window.  Do not put them into direct sunlight

2. Water them at least once a week if indoors, more often if the location is brighter, to a max of 3 times a week.

3. Make sure they completely dry up within 3-4 hours of watering.

4. Tillandsia Xerographica is the King of Airplants as it can grow quite huge (over 1m in diameter).  Its long tentacles perfectly complement the tendrils of the T. Pseudo Baileyi, and are contrasted by the color coming from the T. Ionantha.  All of the plants should be watered at the same time, just care being taken to make sure all the leaves are wet until the tips.

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Dimensions220 × 220 × 350 cm