Bundle of 3 Common Airplants for $10 Now Available! **Limited Quantities**

The Sentinel


Just one very striking and dominating main plant of unsure parentage.  One thing for sure is that its very beautiful

T. Duratii hybrid (?)


Granite Rock

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How to take care of Airplants?

Very basically:

1. Find a good location for them, well ventilated, brightly lit area, either shaded outdoors (like a balcony) or near a large window.  Do not put them into direct sunlight

2. Water them at least once a week if indoors, more often if the location is brighter, to a max of 3 times a week.

3. Make sure they completely dry up within 3-4 hours of watering.

4. This main plant is a T.Duratii hybrid of unknown parentage.  From the characteristics of it, I would say its a recurvifolia.  The plant looks quite vigorous and hardy so following the simple instructions above will be prudent.

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